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We believe that context matters to successful executive search. Our Context Driven process is a rigorous approach to understanding each individual search assignment and how it relates to both the short and long-term success of your business and value.

The Art & Science

Every art has a medium – oil paints, watercolours, clay, marble and bronze. For the art of executive search, the medium is people. To succeed in this challenging and rewarding industry, it takes experience, vision and talent. The artistry of blending a new personality into an organisation must also be supported by the skillful use of a number of tools and disciplines. These methodologies comprise the science of executive search. Without the science, a search firm’s performance will lack substance. Without the art, the performance will be merely mundane.

At 6Vision, we’ve been fine tuning both the art and the science of executive search for more than 20 years. In a profession where success generates repeat business, our longevity is not just a measure of our commitment to succeed but also of the trust we’ve earned from our many clients. Trust is at the heart of our long-lasting client relationships – and it’s built on our record of results.

Also integral to our success is the belief that our goals are just to find the best executive for the position. We are dedicated to finding talent who are not only qualified, but whose careers will be enhanced by the opportunity the position offers. Because the true measure of our success in practicing the art and science of executive search lies not only in successful execution, but in successful people.

The Art The Science
The Art

When you say “team player,” you may mean something different than any other client; it depends on you and on the culture of your firm. That is why 6Vision never takes the mandate at face value – we ensure we understand precisely the brief. We listen and consider very carefully so we can be sensitive to both sides. Our understanding of your company’s needs is as critical as our understanding of the targeted executives expectations. Both will come into play during the final decision-making process.


It’s an added value we bring to our clients. Because our expertise spans many different disciplines, we can serve as your consultant, keeping you in touch with important findings, trends that may affect your company. More importantly, our broad knowledge and resources bring new ideas to each retained executive search. This kind of approach leads us to look beyond the usual suspects – enabling us to discover rigorously qualified professionals whom you might not otherwise uncover.


How does an artist know how to blend oils and colours on a canvas? It’s innate, like the ability to visualise the way an empty room looks furnished. At 6Vision, the intuitive faculty touches many aspects of our Modus Operandi: our ability to sense the cultural fit of your company…to correctly judge the characters of various executives…to see how a strategic hire may be infused into the organisation. The intuition of our consulting staff is one of 6Vision important assets.


Is what it takes to assess a professional's credentials, accomplishments and style and then weigh these against your unique needs. Not only do we have to know if the executive is appropriate but also what it will take to successfully conclude the deal. Judgment is the product of all the other skills plus experience. At 6Vision, our successful record demonstrates this simple fact: our clients respect our ability to make the best judgments.

The Science
The Science

Any scientist will tell you that you don’t find solutions to problems unless you ask the right questions. At 6Vision, our search begins with a comprehensive questionnaire. This technique, was developed and perfected over many years. It’s just one part of a rigorous methodology that our consultants adhere to and which ensures the thoroughness and accuracy of the process.


Is the software of a search firm. It determines how a search will run: the ability to target professionals, the quality of the executives and the speed of the search. You can feel confident that our highly trained research staff has the proper tools and the knowledge to use them effectively. There is no single strategy that solves every problem – each search is customised.

Team Approach

The consultant you exclusively retain to commence the search assignment is the one who will actively work on your assignment until it is successfully completed – and you can be sure that at least two people work on each assignment. This enables us to bring varied experience and viewpoints to your search and helps us complete the project within the expected time frame. Also, each search is personally supervised by a Director of the firm to assure adherence to the highest quality standards.

Sharing Information

As your partner, we share with you the knowledge we accumulate during the search process. Within a few weeks, as soon as we have explored the industry, the competition and the universe of professionals, we would provide you with an overview of our work to date. Together, we review this “map of the land” before proceeding to the next phase of the search. Throughout the search process, we invite your review and consultation. This way, we create a dialogue that enables us to reach a conclusion together.

The Art
Context Driven Executive Search
Context Driven Executive Search

We believe that context matters to successful executive search. Our Context Driven process is a rigorous approach to understanding each individual search assignment and how it relates to both the short and the long-term success of your business. Because we have successfully executed search assignments in local markets around the world, and have hands-on experience in each, we’re uniquely attuned to the nuances and intricacies of these key contexts.

Business Context

Differences in markets, clients, business models, operating strategies and tactics, values and visions drive unique search criteria for top management. We take the time to understand how your business functions on a global, regional and local basis, and how these practices are likely to evolve, to ensure candidates match to your business context.

Cultural Context

Doing business internationally means bringing together people who may be worlds apart. That’s why we immerse ourselves in your firm’s culture to understand its character and the type of people who will be most likely to succeed within it. And with offices staffed by nationals, we can help you navigate local cultures and politics to your best advantage.

Candidate Context

We believe we can serve our clients better by treating professionals better—by understanding their needs and expectations. We handle their information with the greatest confidentiality, and keep them informed throughout. And we help them to better understand your firm to help ensure the position we’re offering is the right one for them.

Financial Context

To attract top talent, you have to know the financial context in which an offer will be evaluated. We guide you in creating an offer that reflects the realities of local and global markets, and your firm’s resources. As financial considerations are only part of a package, we provide added perspective to help you assemble a competitive offer.

Service Context

We share your goals and expectations and apply ourselves tenaciously and consistently exceed them. Our Context Driven process is, by its nature, built around your needs and an understanding of your organisation, its values, and way of working. As your representative in the very competitive global talent market, we help to shape positive images of your firm every time we engage in a search.


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